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17 August 2022

Happiness is being normal. 

My doctor ordered a blood pressure test, with results to a nurse over the phone,  but Ned had problems getting our blood pressure cuff to work.  We tried the new home blood pressure cuff and got two readings, 161/77 and 126/89 but we couldn't get a third  reading -there is too much fat on my arm.  When Ned tried to take it when the nurse called, he kept getting error messages, so we just made an appointment to have it taken at Kaiser.

Walt drove me over to Kaiser in the morning and the first pressure she took was very high, so she had me sit quietly and came up with a reading of 133/82, which is where she says I should be, so I left Kaiser "normal."  Not sure when I have to go back for another test.

So Better Call Saul is finally over, what Ned has been eagerly awaiting for the past six weeks.  To commemorate the event. I made a batch of Cinnabons.

Cinnabon appears in the first episode of every season of Better Call Saul, except for season 6. It is located inside a large Omaha, Nebraska shopping mall. Jimmy McGill, living under the false identity "Gene Takavic" is the store manager, depressed with his situation and longing to unearth his true passion as a lawyer.

The Cinnabon incident(s) started with Breaking Bad.  In the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad, "Granite State", Saul says "If I'm lucky, month from now, best case scenario, I'm managing a Cinnabon in Omaha".

I don't know how much business Better Call Saul has brought to Cinnabon, but they are offering a 2 for 1 on the day of the final episode of the show.  Sadly, our closest Cinnabon is at the Sacramento airport so I decided to make our own.  Ideally you need to eat your Cinnabon while warm, but because of going to the memorial on Monday, I had to make them the night before.  I think they would have been better warm...but they were OK.  And I was glad to do something to acknowledge the end of the show.

It is interesting to read all of the comments on Facebook about the show.  They are by the deep fans and the casual fans, who don't really understand all of the things that are really going on in the show that make it so clever.  I kind of land in the latter group, but I have Ned, who is a huge fan and can tell you what every scene and every little bit of things that happen mean and remind me of how they refer back to something that happened episodes before.  It has made the show much more enjoyable for me.

And anything that is an excuse to make Cinnabon is a good thing!



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