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16 August 2022

Our kids always called him "Uncle Dave" but he was no relative..

Dave Johnson was Walt's boss back in the Berkeley years and they became good friends, so by extension, our two families became good friends and we shared lives for many years, until he transferred to Oregon.  We ran into his sons at a Says You taping a couple of years ago and they told us we would be getting an invitation to Dave's 85th birthday party.  But COVID came along and the party never happened.

He died on February 22.  The memorial service was on Monday and Walt and I planned to go and when I told Ned it was for "Uncle Dave" he canceled his plans for the afternoon and came with us to Sacramento for the event.

It was perfect.  The setting, with lots of trees and greenery around, was perfect and there were about 35 of us who were there.

It was such fun seeing his kids again.  We had seen Chris and Stefan (who had been our ring bearer at our wedding!), but not Monica and Susanna and so it was nice sharing memories with them.  I'd forgotten that the girls sometimes babysat for us and were called the "Yucky babysitters."

There was a great slide show where it was easy to see his love for children, especially his grandchildren.  It was a special thing to be a little kid raised by Dave Johnson. His spirit came alive around kids. He enjoyed listening to kids, talking to them, teaching them, and lovingly teasing them. He brought the wit and cleverness he is known for, the leg-pulling humor, to his interactions with kids.... I think every child who had him as part of their childhood will agree that he brought love and humor to it, and his own special magic. (Susanna)

Everyone who spoke of him talked about how funny he could be.   He had great love, meaningful work, good friends, and so darn much silliness! The puns, the stories. (Monica)

Ned and Walt both spoke.  It's so great to have Ned at such events like this. He didn't have the depth of memories that many others did, but he gave a great talk about how he felt about Uncle Dave.  He has always been comfortable talking in public.

Walt remembered how he and Dave both bought identical movie cameras and were going to make a movie.  In those days. Walt was the family photographer.  Every time they got together (which was frequently in those days) they talked about the movie they were going to make and what a success it would be.  I don't think any film was ever shot.  But it made for a great conversation.   Although we have only been in touch a few times a year recently I am very sad to see him go, and glad to hear it was peacefully. There was no one like him.

The whole event was very low key, but a lovely tribute to a special man.  I'm sad that it had been so long since we last saw him, which was at Walt's retirement party 15 years ago.



Dave's kids: Chris, Stefan, Monica, Susanna

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