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10 August 2022

I was surprised to discover that I did this challenge last year too...and last year I also started a week into it, so I'm just copying what I did a year ago, though with perhaps a lot of new things that make me happy.

My back scratcher makes me happy! 

I have one on my desk and one next to the recliner and I use them all the time.

I have a very itchy back. especially a spot on my left back that is just below where I can reach it overhand and just above where I can reach it underhand, so the scratcher is perfect.

It's either a back scratcher or stand against the wall, like a bear does against a tree and scratch it that way.  The nice thing about a back scratcher, is that you don't need to actually stand up, but can scratch while sitting there is a bit of exercise I don't need to get!

Walt has discovered the joy of the backscratcher too and often comes to my chair to take it and go off scratching himself.  It brings a smile to him, as it does to me!

(The back scratcher is also good for reaching something on the floor that is too far away to pick up, and dragging it over to my chair.  A multi purpose tool !)

Many years ago, I bought Bouncer a Mr. Bill doll.  She loved it to pieces and Ned has purchased many replacements for her.  She's too old now to play with toys, but Ned brought two Mr. Bills downstairs and yesterday Bubba found them.

It was so funny.  One Mr. Bill was in the small dog bed and he seemed afraid of it.  He would creep up to the bed cautiously, put his paw out to touch the bed and then jump back.

Finally, I took the doll out of the bed and put it on the floor.  He still approached it carefully, but eventually picked it up in his mouth, then walked through the kitchen whining, Walt tells me.

He ended up jumping into my lap with it.  We watched TV for awhile with Mr. Bill and after Bubba fell asleep, I carefully removed the doll and tossed it back on the floor.

Bubba was awake instantly and jumped down to get the doll and bring it back into my lap again.

I thik I tried three times to get the doll off of my lap and onto the floor, but Bubba was always there to bring it back into my lap.

So the three of us slept in the recliner all night long.  i wonder if I'm going to have to sleep with Mr. Bill from now on...



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