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1 August 2022

We have added a new member to our family.

Walt went to San Francisco for a get together with some of the old Lamplighters tech crew, and the rest of us, including Bouncer, went out to get Bubbles to bring him home.  He's very confused and carefully watching everythimg, but he has chosen Marta as his person.

Bouncer isn't too sure about this new addition, so Ned and Marta took both dogs out for a walk and report that Bubbles is a very polite walker.  When Ned and Marta went upstairs, Bubbles stood at the fence that kept him from going upstairs.  After waiting for Marta for awhile, he jumped into my lap to cuddle...and I discovered we have a shedder!

Ned has set up bed all over the place for him, including one under my desk. and he brought the toy we were told he played with all the time, but he hasn't been in any bed, nor has he touched the toy.  He just wants a lap. 

He slept in my lap during the evening when I watched TV and when it was time for sleep, he settled onto my abdomen and we slept all night.

I kind of slept better than usual and didn't need my weighted blanket, because I had an 8 lb dog on me and I slept pretty much all night.  In the morning Ned came down to make coffee and petted Bubbles' head, which was fine.  But when he saw Marta coming, he leaped off my lap, tail wagging a mile a minute and leaping up and down on her.  There was no question who he has chosen to be his person, and he's just tolerating the rest of us.

I think he's going to fit into the family very well.




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