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29 April 2022

I'm getting old.  I found an old age bruise on my arm yesterday.

When you get older, your skin becomes thinner and so it is more likely that if you bump into something it will leave one of these thin red bruises, even if you aren't aware of what you bumped into.  I think this is only the second old age bruise I've had so far.

My mother hated  them.  Before her brain went she would look at her arms and see one or two bruises and hit her arm and express anger that there should be a bruise there.  Every time she glanced at her arm she would hit it again, as if to punish it for bruising.  (Hitting it probably caused more bruising!)

I don't even want to think of what she would have felt if she could have seen her arms at the end.

When she could still walk, she was so unsteady that she would bump into things, and then when she was bedridden, moving her to do anything caused bumping into the bed rails or the wheelchair if they put her in a wheelchair.  Thank goodness she had reached a point where she didn't understand the bruising any more. 

I have never been upset about the signs of aging, as they have come along.  It never occurred to me to dye my hair when I started getting grey.  I figured I earned all those grey hairs!  And I don't have nearly as many as Ned does. 

My mother never dyed her hair either, but she didn't have grey hair until she was older than most of her peers.  My father was like Ned -- got white hair very early.

It's a good thing I don't mind the bruising because I've become so unsteady on my feet I suspect I will be getting a lot of old lady bruises.


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