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28 April 2022

This is the time of year where people are planting things.  Even in Africa -- I get letters from my compassion kids telling me what thheir families are planting and asking what we are planting.

When the kids were little, I tried doing some farming.  we had a peach tree, an apricot tree, a plum tree and an apple tree, all of which produced well, until they died.  (Only the apple tree is left...and the squirrels eat most of the apples before they get fully ripe.)  I tried planting various vegetables.  I desperately wanted home grown tomatoes, which taste so much better than store-bought, but I was attacked by tomato hornworms, which I couldn't stand.

I grew one batch of corn, which  turned out well (and was so good to eat right off the stalk), but only produced a few ears.

My most successful crop was zucchini. there didn't seem to be any animals or bugs that liked zucchini and the plant was very successful.

The problem was that nobody in the family liked zucchini either (except me).  I made a lot of zucchini bread and I served zucchini at dinner, but the kids had to be forced to eat it.  My threat to them was "the longer it takes you to eat this one, the bigger the one in the yard is going to get!"

Easy to make, portable, “healthy” and freezer-friendly they were promoted as “healthy” alternatives to standard desserts.  And the kids would at least eat zucchini bread.

FOOD TRIVIA: Zucchini is not a vegetable but a fruit. It carries its seeds on the inside, like all other true fruits. Strawberries are an “accessory fruit” (previously known as a false fruit), a category where the fruit’s flesh is derived not from the ovary of the plant, but from some adjacent tissue. Other examples include figs, apples and pears. The strawberry is the only “fruit” with seeds on the outside. The “seeds” are actually incorporations of the pistils of the flower of the plant.

With my only successful planting, that nobody (including Walt) liked, I gave up being a farmer.  We have grapes planted now, but they came up on their own and we have had basil and rosemary, but  that's about it. 


Happy Birthday, Char!


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