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20 April 2022

It's handy when your dentist is also your friend.

Cindy and I worked together in a typing service in Davis after she got her dental degree and while she was building up her practice, with an established dentist here in Davis.  She eventually opened her own office but those were the years when I was not seeing a dentist at all so I never made an appointment with her.

We had a lot of social gatherings, with all the people who worked at the secretarial service and their spouses....progressive dinners and games of Trivial Pursuit.  Walt always fell asleep during the game and when we were stuck for an answer, someone would kick him and ask him the question and he always had the right answer...and then would go back to sleep.

I was always careful not to get too physically close to Cindy because I was afraid she would see how bad my teeth were.

There came the day when my front teeth were getting worse and worse, with a build-up of plaque on them and I was convinced they were going to fall out.  I sent a note to Cindy and she called to ask if I wanted an appointment.  I said yes.  She was so incredibly good.  She scheduled me for the last appointment of the day, so there would be nobody else there.  Later she told me that if I hadn't been so scared, she would have taken a picture of the build-up on my teeth because she had never seen anything like that.

But as it turned out, once she removed the plaque, the teeth were fine, a little loose, but otherwise fine.  The rest of my mouth needed a lot of work and I have joked that I think I put two of her three daughters through college, since we had no dental insurance.

But after many months, my teeth were fine and I am on a 3-appointment a year schedule, which keeps them fine.

I had my last appointment a little over a month ago.  It was a good appointment, with no cavities to be found.

But then I started having pain in my upper right molar.  It would come and go.  When it was bad, it hurt quite a bit, but then it would die back down and not hurt again.  I could even chew granola bars with that side of my mouth.

But on Saturday, it started hurting a lot.  Maybe 5 on a 1-10 pain schedule.  Only this time it didn't die back down again.  It hurt all day Saturday and I finally called and left a message on Cindy's answering machine.

She called on Sunday and I told her that I needed an appointment, but that I wouldn't have a ride on Monday so it would have to be Wednesday (she's not open on Tuesday).  Walt and Ned were going to the Bay Area to check out the cemetery where we will have my mother's memorial service, and to have lunch with Walt's brother and his wife.  Not only would I not have a driver to take me to the office, but I wouldn't have a car either, since they were taking our car.

Cindy said she'd pick me up and bring me to the office.  How many people's dentists do that?

I had a full exam, with better x-rays and the nice thing is that the teeth are fine, but it's a gum infection.  I have some medication to use at least once a day.  They recently recommended GUM soft picks to me:


They are great--better than floss and easier to use.  I'm able to massage my gums several times a day, while I'm watching TV.  So all I have to do is dip the GUM in the medicine and floss with it.  If things don't get better in a month, they'll give me some antibiotic.  But it's nice to have a worrisome problem and have it be so minor.

And Cindy drove me home again.




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