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15 April 2022

I was surprised to get this photo from Compassion this week.  The boy in the orange shirt at the left is one of my sponsored kids and this is a picture of a party at the Compassion center he was attending. 

Compassion is very good about keeping sponsors up to date with what their sponsored kids are doing...and they encourage exchanging letters between sponsor and sponsee.  Every two years they send a photo to the sponsor so you can see how your child has grown and if you send a $100 gift to the family, they take pictures of what they spent the money on (it used to be that they sent pictures if you sent any monetary gift to the child, but they stopped doing that)

So this picture just came out of the blue and I was pleased to be able to see a little of what he did at the center that day.  Compassion is not a school.  Kids go to their own schools and then go to Compassion for religious instruction and for playing with other sponsored kids.  I'm not big on the religion part of it, but I love to hear what they do when they are at the Compassion centers.

I have sponsored most of my kids for several years now and as they get older, their letters get better, some of them.  I love hearing what they want to do when they graduate from high school or college, if they can find a way to afford to go to college.  I have one guy who wants to be a doctor, a girl who wants to be a nurse, a guy who is studying computers because he wants to work in computer technology.  The girl I was closest to was planning to be a doctor, but her family finances were such that she had to drop out of school and go to work in a beauty parlor to make money for the family.  Sadly, once they leave the Compassion program, there is no way to contact them, so I have no way of knowing how she is doing, or if she received the $100 I sent her to get her business started.  She was the one who told me that after her mother died she never thought she would find another one, but she called me her other mother.

Fred is the kid I feel the closest to.  I've been sponsoring him for 11 years and he is 18 now.  When we first got paired up, his mother wrote the letters for him and since she speaks English, she wrote long letters and I learned a lot about his family.  When he was old enough to write his own letters, I didn't hear from her again because they want to make sure that you have a relationship with the child and not someone else.

Fred is frustrating, though.  His letters are pretty much the same every time.  He tells me he and his family are doing well, and that he hopes we are also well, He thanks me for my sponsorship of him, and he sends along a bible verse for me to read.  Occasionally he will tell me something about himself, but that is rare (it was sad when he wrote that he used the money I sent for his birthday to pay for his sister's funeral.  I don't know how old she was or how she died.  He never answers questions)

Fred always draws me a picture.  I've been getting his pictures for 11 years and they are always pretty much the same.  For the first many years it was a tree, a house, and a hill behind it.  Lately he has stopped drawing the house and now it's a tree on a hill.  I think I'd faint from shock if he ever sent a picture of something else.

But I do like it that Compassion works to make relationships between the sponsors and the kids.  They are very good about that.  They just aren't good about following up when the kids leave the program.  The very first child I sponsored was a girl from India.  She was a great letter writer and I got lots of good pictures from her (I sent her money for her birthday one year and she bought, among other things, an iron.)  But India decided to shut down all of the religious organizations like this and so all of the Indian sponsored children lost their sponsors.  I think about her often.  She's in an area where child marriage is common and I'm hoping that what she learned at Compassion will keep her from having that happen to her.  But I'll never know.


Fred's last 4 pictures



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