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14 April 2022

I have had weight problems all of my life.

I was put on my first diet when I was 10.  How does a 10 year old kid get fat?  She eats what is available or served to her.

My mother was a wonderful cook and made lots of fattening foods.  Dinner always came with some kind of bread.  We always had dessert and my father would get angry if we didn't want to eat dessert.  My mother made cookies for us to have when we got home from school and there were always cookies to snack on.  We didn't have "junk food" necessarily, but we had a lot of high calorie foods.

I was the one who got fat because I ate everything that was put in front of me.  My sister didn't like to eat and there were arguments nearly every meal about her not finishing her food...and she often had to stay at the table for a couple of hours until her food was gone (she learned how to hide it and that wasn't discovered until years later).

We always had butter, except for a brief time during the war when we had margarine (the kind that you had to massage color into).  And my father liked everything as rich as it could be.  I can remember doing taste tests with him where we would give him two types of foods, like ice cream or something like that to taste and he would choose the one that was the richest.

I have been on diets for much of my life and actually was a normal weight for many years, but I never thought of myself as anything but fat.  After my first diet, a boy from my class saw a picture of me and said "that's can't be Bev.  She's not fat enough."

Even when I weighted 135 lbs, which is too skinny for my height, I thought of myself as fat.  So did my uncle, who argued with me that I couldn't possibly  weigh that little because I was fat.  I became a photographer so I could be behind the camera instead of in front of it.

I never would have made it in my mother's immediate family.  My aunt Marge (my cousin Peach's mother) was a terrible tease.  She could get her youngest brother to cry just by sitting at the dinner table and wiggling her finger at him.  At some point in her teens, my mother was overweight (she once told me she ate 8 corn on the cobs at one sitting).  They had a couple of guys renting a room from them, eating dinner with them.  One night one of the guys looked at my mother and called her "Chubby."  My aunt picked up on it and for the rest of her life, my mother, who was never overweight in her adult life, was known in the family as Chubby.  It took me many years before I realized that this was not a normal name.  Even now, the younger people in the family, who may have never met her, still refer to her as "Aunt Chubby."

I have finally accepted being fat and I don't mind having my photo taken any more.  Unless I develop some terrible disease, I will die fat.



Jeri playing in the orchestra for
a production of The Wizard of Oz



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