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7 April 2022

I finally got to see the audiologist today.  The receptionist remembered me from yesterday and asked if my son was parking the car.

It was the perfect appointment and I feel so good now that it's over. 

First she asked me questions about my hearing loss and what I've done up to now.  Ned grabbed my cell phone so he could take pictures.

The she did the physical exam of each ear and the ear drum.  She says the itching I've felt in one of my ears is from dry skin and told me how to fix it.

Then she did the actual hearing exam, attaching earphones and playing sounds and words for me to recognize, and raise my hand when I heard the sound.

One thing was great.  For a set of things someone was speaking in one ear, there was a static in the other ear, which is the sound I hear in my ears all the time.  I never hear "silence."  I was able to tell her that.

The result was that my hearing has decreased significantly since I was last tested 5 years ago and the Eargo hearing aids I bought a couple of years ago are no longer good for me because they are for "mild to moderate" hearing loss and my loss goes beyond moderate.  She also said that any of the special hearing aids you see advertised on TV would not work for me because I need special adaptation.

She said that Kaiser has a hearing aid store and she checked my insurance to see how much it would help pay for the aids (which can cost up to $6,000 for the pair).  Turns out, as Char told me, that the federal Kaiser coverage covers hearing if you are 18 or under.   If you are over 18 it doesn't.  Because so many young people have hearing loss and us old people don't!  So I'll have to pay full price, but we expected that.

We will make an appointment for next week or after, since Ned is busy this week and week end.  But we will see what they have to offer.

One thing she gave me which is wonderful is a sheet of paper which tell people speaking to someone with a hearing loss how best to speak to them.  Since I have the most  trouble hearing Walt and Jeri, I hope this will help.  Of course, by the time I see Jeri the next  time, I should have hearing aids and it won't be necessary for her to understand.

So I'm feeling very confident after this appointment and anxious to see what Kaiser has to offer in the way of hearing aids.





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