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6 April 2022

My plan had been to write this entry about my visit with the audiologist and what I learned about my hearing and hearing aids.

Ned and I left at 10 for my 11 a.m. appointment in Vacaville.  It's about a 20 minute drive and we got there in plenty of time.

Ned let me out with my walker while he went to park the car.  I found the audiology department and went to register.  They told me my appointment was not today, but tomorrow.  Somehow it got on our wall calendar that it was today at 11 and on my desk calendar as today at 1:30.  The crazy thing was that I got a text message reminding me about the appointment, along with directions about where to find the office and it never occurred to me to check the DATE on the message.

So I did not go to the audiologist.  Instead we had a nice hour or so drive and I had a nice 2 hour nap when we got home.

I actually had a fair night of sleep.  I'm finding that if I have difficulty going to sleep, podcasts help.  I've been listening to news-type podcasts so I don't fall asleep during a story and miss what was going on.

I started listening to Rachel Maddow's "Bag Man," about Vice President Spiro Agnew, all of his illegal activities, and how they got him to resign.  I have to admit that it sounded a lot like the last president, except that #45 never got envelopes of cash delivered to the oval office.  At least not that I know of.

The tale of Agnew was so interesting that I was disappointed to wake up and discover I had listened to three episodes of it, while asleep.  I listened to it again last night and fell asleep, but only missed a little bit of it.

I've listened to Chris Matthews, but his program is only half an hour.  If he is discussing an interesting topic, it keeps me awake, but if he is discussing something I'm not interested in, it will put me to sleep and then I'll sleep through several more half hours.

I still wake up twice at night, but both times I am able to snuggle under the weighted blanket and fall back asleep pretty quickly, which is so nice.  Why didn't I buy that blanket years ago, when I thought of it!

I've resigned myself to no baby squirrels in the squirrel house.

In looking back at this time last year, I see that the babies that were born in our other house had grown up and were ready to leave the house, so thinking of Gracie giving birth now and raising a litter for 4-5 weeks, doesn't seem likely, so if she had babies, she probably had them in one of her other nests.

She and George have been having love-ins in the house, though, so perhaps a later in the season litter will be born there.

George has learned how to beg at the door, like FatMan does, but where FatMan will take a treat out of your fingers, as soon as someone comes to the door to open it, he races up the tree next to the patio and stands there watching. 

Then, when the treat has been put down on the ground and the door safely closed, he runs down to the patio to get it.

It's easy to tell George from Fat Man because George has a bit of fur missing from the end of his tail and, of course, if he runs  away, you know it's George.

We've never seen Gracie on the patio, but Ned puts out squash on a shelf below the squirrel house and there is almost always a squirrel eating it every morning.  It's amazing how they can pretty much completely eat 1/4 of a squash every day.



Lester out for a walk



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