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1 April 2022

The last day of the month is a busy one for me. 

I set up a new folder for the month that is finishing.  Then I move all the .htm files from my main folder to the folder for the month that is ending.

(This month it got more complicated because I accidentally moved all the March .htm files to the February folder, which meant I had erased all the February files and had to go and find them on the internet and resave them)

After the .htm files are moved, I move all the graphics, but a lot of the graphics don't get moved (like the Sunday Stealing logo, etc.)

Then I have to get the new month pages designed.  I look for a seamless background graphic.  This month will be the 23rd anniversary of Paul's death.  Paul and I had a special deal going with smiley faces, so I decided to use a smiley face theme for this month.

Next, I have to design the logo and find the right smiley face to use.

Then I choose the colors for the various cells and then I can start writing.  When the page is finished I have to upload lots of graphics to the internet to get the new month set up.

But when I get everything finished for the new design, then I go to my database file and enter all of the entries from the previous month so I can search for things when I am looking for them.

This all takes a few hours, so with all the work on the new month, my afternoon nap, and watching a Nature special on squirrels, my day was pretty much taken up and it was time for me to cook dinner, since Ned and Marta are gone for the week end.

Gracie hasn't slept in the house for a couple of night now, but she spent a lot of time in the house in the afternoon.

She is spending so much time scratching and biting at her abdomen and her genitals, she certainly must be ready to deliver, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she delivers in t he house. 

The Nature special I watched talks about babies being with their mother for several weeks and I'd hate it if they weren't in the squirrel house.

And BTW, you MUST see this video.  It's absolutely amazing.




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