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30 September 2021

Yvonne in the Bush on Facebook posted information on warthogs today.  I knew nothing about them!  I love reading her blog because she has such interesting things to share.

I like warthogs, what about you? They are most definitely not the prettiest in the animal kingdom, but there is just something about them.

Some warthog facts:

* Their name comes from their protrusions/warts on the sides of their face, these protrusions are a combination of bone and cartilage. It protects their face when they fight.

*They sleep in underground burrows that they either steal from other animals, old termite mounds or in pipes. They don't dig their own home.

*Warthogs are omnivores, which means they eat both green stuff and meat (like humans). They mostly feed on grass, roots and bulbs they dig up, but they also scavenge on other animals' prey

* A warthog will run away when possible, but when they are backed in a corner they are extremely dangerous.

* They can live up to 17 years

* They go down onto their wrists when they eat (see photo)

* They have tusks like an elephant, on their upper and lower jaws. They use them to fight and defend themselves against predators. They use their tusks and about to lift up soil when the ground is hard

*Warthog babies are called piglets

* They love to roll in the mud to protect their skin against the sun and parasites

Photo location: Tembe Elephant Park & Hluhluwe-iMfolozi park, South Africa


This is a bird Ned is making friends with.
When Ned goes outside to give a peanut to a squirrel,
this bird flies in from wherever he is and watches and then, when
Ned leaves a peanut on the patio, the bird is there in a split second to get it.

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