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28 September 2021

I signed up to do a "list" swap for Swap Bot.  I will share it here. 

*Current Grocery List
English muffins
peanuts for the squirrels

*Your current to do list
Answer letters
Write book review
Get flu shot
Watch DVD shows recorded last night
listen to Anderson Cooper’s audio book

*Your favorite songs (and who sings each song)
“For Good” from Wicked (Kristen Chenowith & Idina Menzel)
“Grandma’s Feather Bed” (John Denver)
Funny” (Lawsuit)
Stormy Weather (Judy Garland)
"How Do You Fall Back in Love?" (Steve Schalchlin/Jim Brochu)

*Favorite Movies
A Star Is Born (1954 version)
Affair to Remember
Air Force One
Gaijin (Brasilian movie)

*Favorite Books
East of Eden (John Steinbeck)
Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series
Marjorie Morningstar (Herman Wouk)
Albert Payson Terhune books *
Any book by Bill Bryson
11/22/63 (Stephen King)
Armistead Maupin's "Tales of the City" books
"Upstairs at the White House" (J.B. West)

*(I just found this article about Terhune's books. The writer felt about the books exactly as I did...and his discover on re-reading them as an adult is shocking)

*Favorite TV shows

The Resident
New Amsterdam
Late Show with Stephen Colbert
The West Wing
Big Bang Theory
Major Crimes
Northern Exposure
The Daily Show


*Your top 5 wishes or dreams
Renew friendship with my friend who ghosted me
Be able to walk without a walker again
See Jeri & Phil find a house to buy
A cure for Alzheimers
Get my hearing back

*Plans for Today or for this week
Letters to answer
Visit my mother
Cook dinner when Ned isn't cooking
Watch Jon Stewart's new show on Thursday

*Places you'd like to visit someday
(This list can go under the "dreams" list too, since I'll never get to them)
Brasil / Iguacu Falls
So Africa, & Kenya*
The Inland Passage to Alaska
Nashville, Tennessee
Florida -- just to taste stone crabs

*South Africa to go on a photo safari in Botswana, Kenya to see some of the kids that I've been sponsoring through Compassion, Int'l. and visit the Sheldrick Elephant Rehabilitation Center.


Looks like the girls have found a new dog;
this is Pesto

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