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24 September 2021

I don't know why but for some reason comments (even by me) aren't posting.  I'm not sure what to do about it.  If you post a comment, it gets emailed to me, but just doesn't post on the page.

It's funny how there are some things from your memory which just pop into your head for no apparent reason.  For some reason, as I was getting ready to go to sleep, Eleutherius popped into my head.  Eleutherius was the name of a saint pope in a book for saints that Father O'Looney gave me at one time.

Elutherius was also what we called our first unborn child until her birth.

We knew from the beginning that the baby would be named either Jeri or Jerry, in honor of the two people who had gotten Walt and me together -- Jeri Desmond was my best friend at the Newman Center.  We were 3 months apart in age and we had a fake ID that showed we were old enough to drink that we shared.  When Jeri turned 21 she ceremoniously gave it to me to use for the next three months.

Jerry O'Keefe was an Irish guy, also from the Newman Center.  I can't remember how why we felt he had gotten us together, but he was an affable guy and, sadly, was murdered in a bar a few years after we last saw him.

But we didn't want anybody to know what the baby's name would be so we just called her Eleutherius.  (Walt's mother was not impressed when we told her that the baby was Jeri, because there were so many Jeris/Jerrys/Gerrys in our life.)

We didn't have that problem with Ned.  We wanted to name him for our friend, Ed Andrews, who had entered a monastery, but who had been a good friend for a couple of years at Newman.  So Ned's name is Edward Andrew, but we knew we didn't want to call him Eddie or Ed.  Walt's name is Walter Edward; his father was also Walter (not Edward) and so Walt was always called Ned, not Walt, until he got into school.  So Ned was always going to be called Ned.  This has caused him problems as an adult since his official name is Edward.

Paul was named just because I liked the name Paul.  I wanted a girl to be named Laurie Pauline but was happy with Paul for a boy.  His middle name was Joseph, which was for Father Joseph Quinn, who was head of the Newman Center when we were there.

By the time I was pregnant with Tom, we had run out of names we could agree on for boys.  We were having a discussion one day about what to name the baby if he was a boy and we couldn't agree on anything.  Jeri, who was 4 at the time, came in the house and was walking through the living room and I asked "if this is a boy, what do you think we should call him?"  "Tom," she said, without hesitation,  And that is how he became Thomas.  I discussed recently why we never called him Tommy but he was always either Thomas or Tom. 

His middle name is Kirk, which is from my mother's family, which is Kirkpatrick.

I can't remember how we decided on "David" for a first name, but his middle name was Norman, for Walt's brother.  In fact, when he was being baptized, I told Norm that if he couldn't come to the baptism, we would call him David Mud instead.  He thought I was joking.  He didn't make it to the baptism and I talked Father Quinn into giving me a blank certificate that I filled out as David Mud.

My favorite oatmeal for a long time was Quaker Strawberry.  Then a few years ago, suddenly you could not find it anywhere any more. Every time I went into a store, I checked the oatmeals, and never a Strawberry.  I've been seeing new commercials on TV that show different flavors of oatmeal and one is Strawberry and Blueberry (I think that's two different kinds, not a mixture).  When Ned went to the store, I asked him to buy some and he couldn't find it, so I decided to check Amazon to see if just possibly I could order it on line.

Forty-eight packages!  I am a happy camper.  I had strawberry oatmeal for breakfast this morning.



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