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21 September 2021

Lacie turns 10 yesterday, so now both granddaughters are in double digits. 

She's a beautiful girl, with beautiful eyes and, yes, cute.  But don't you dare call her beautiful or pretty or cute.  it makes her very angry.  I asked Jeri, who is a good friend of hers (they Facetime frequently), what you call her if not pretty...she says Lacie will be happy if you call her "cool."  She's a voracious reader and so I sent her an Amazon gift certificate, since both she and Brianna have lots of books and I have no clue what they want.

When we were at the BBQ last month, she was planning her 11th birthday party, which is going to have a Harry Potter theme and she was letting each one of us know what character we had to be.  She had already planned the 10th party, which was held over the weekend.  She's into cooking shows and invited her friends to come and have a bake off.

Lacie's bake off design was fried chicken.

Tom sent a video of all the action and I told him that all that was missing was Paul Hollywood.

It sounds like it was a fun party...and definitely unique.  I wonder what we are going to have to do for Harry Potter....

Ned started making videos for each of the girls for their birthdays when they were a year old, and finished his video for this year yesterday.


She's changed in 10 years


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