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20 September 2021

It's been more than a year and a half since I had a 2-show weekend, but I reviewed two shows this weekend, both in this area--one in Woodland and one in Davis.

The Woodland Opera House did Singin' in the Rain, a big musical with a full stage of performers.  The house was nearly full.  Everyone had to wear a mask, including the performers, who wore clear plastic masks which covered most of their face, but you could see their face and hear them very well.  It really only affected romantic scenes -- hugging instead of smooching.

In the year-plus that there were no shows in the theater, they had upgraded the seats, especially the seats where we sit, where people with disabilities sit (I use my walker most of the time now) so it was quite a bit more comfortable than it usually is.

The show itself was good, with the dance numbers the outstanding parts of the production.  Woodland not only has a theater, but also a dance studio and I swear that during the pandemic, many of the actors worked on their dancing.  Some really great tap dancing, which I don't remember seeing to that extent in Woodland musicals before this.

The Davis Musical Theater Company did Mary Poppins.  DMTC required proof of vaccination and everyone had to wear a mask including the cast, but they wore normal masks, not clear plastic ones.

They were a bit more difficult to understand than the Woodland cast, but the quality of the production was overall a bit better.  I was particularly impressed with the guy who played the father in the Banks family, Joe Alkire.  Joe is a friend of ours from the old Davis Comic Opera Days.  I was actually surprised not to see him at Singin' in the Rain because another friend was in that and he generally comes to all of her opening nights.  But apparently he was cast in Mary Poppins just two weeks before opening, when the original Mr Banks had a medical problem that forced him to leave the cast.  Joe had only two weeks to learn what everyone had been rehearsing for 6 weeks and yet he was one of the strongest actors in the show.

Also the two women who played Mary Poppins and Miss Andrews (Mr. Banks' former nanny, of whom he is still afraid, even as an adult) had an amazing duet, "Brimstone and Treacle" which was so wonderful it could easily have been sung by these two on the stage of the San Francisco Opera House.

The sad thing about Mary Poppins was that we saw it on Saturday, and opening night was Friday.  I don't know what the audience was like on Friday, but there were more people on stage than in the audience on Saturday.

Of course with seeing two shows in two days comes writing reviews of two shows in two days and so much of Saturday and much of Sunday was spent doing the reviews and dusting off all those old reviewer tricks that I've used for 20 years.

It was fun seeing both shows, but when I got into the car after Mary Poppins I knew I've made the right decision to cut back on the number of shows I review.  They just don't excite me any more and I was so happy to get home and back into my recliner again.



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