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16 September 2021

Hamilton is finally coming to Sacramento.  the California Musical Theater, which hosts touring Broadway productions, is doing exactly what I predicted two years ago.  During the pandemic they completely rebuilt the community theater, now called the Safe Credit Union Performing Arts Center.

And they are opening it with Hamilton, which everyone, me included, has been waiting for.

I turned down free tickets.  After waiting year after year ever since it opened to rave reviews in San Francisco, I turned down the chance to see it for free and told the man who contacts me about tickets that I will no longer be reviewing in Sacramento.

When I checked the list for the remaining Broadway on Tour shows for 2021-22 I saw that one of my favorite shows, Wicked, was on the list and that Come from Away, which we just saw on Apple-plus and which was one of the most exciting musicals I have seen in a long time was also on the list. I realized that I was not disappointed to miss them, I knew I had made the right decision.

I've been thinking about cutting back my reviewing for a few years.  Some time ago, space in the newspaper was cut and the then entertainment editor told me that I didn't have to review Sacramento theater any more and that she would leave it up to my discretion.  I enjoyed going to all those shows, but my main reason not to cut back was waiting for Hamilton so I didn't have to pay a small fortune to see it.  But it was shown on Disney a year or so ago so I've seen it, just not live.

After 20 years, I am tired of reviewing.  And three show weekends (which this would have been if I'd agreed to see Hamilton) are exhausting.  Not only do you have 3-4 hours involved in driving to the theater and watching the show, but then you have to spent tme afterwards writing a review...and some reviews are easier to write than others.  I have found that in the last few years I am having more difficulty writing reviews than I did earlier.

Over the year of quarantine, when all theaters were shut, I got into the routine of dinner at 6, and then settling in for a night of TV.  Having to get dressed up and go into Sacramento a couple of weeks ago to see the first show in Sacramento was upsetting. 

Plus, though everybody, including Broadway, is starting up again, COVID is not declining but is actually increasing and the new variants are more virulent than it was originally.  We now have vaccines, of course, but nobody knows how long they will last and if you are in a 2000 seat theater, can you be certain that everybody around you is vaccinated?

While the Sacramento theater was as safe as a theater could possibly be, I still went for testing several days later.  The local theater we will be seeing Singin' in the Rain in on Friday is not as safe and I am uncomfortable going there.  On Saturday, we see Mary Poppins in a theater which is not only as safe as it can possibly be, but apparently even the actors on stage will be masked.

So I am using the pandemic to give up Sacramento theater.  I will continue to review Davis and Woodland, which are in my back yard, but will not be going to Sacramento at night to review a show any more.  I feel bad, thinking of the people who tell me they won't buy tickets until they know how I feel about a show, but I've made a suggestion to the newspaper that they hire one of my co-critics, who used to write for one of the Sacramento papers, and now has been let go of that gig, that they use her for Sacramento reviews. The newspaper has not yet responded and she wants to "think about it" before letting me know if she'd like to do it.



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