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15 September 2021

Someone sent me a link to the Facebook page of Yvonne in the Bush and it is becoming my favorite page.

Yvonne shares amazing pictures that she takes and also educates us all on the majestic animals that live where she lives, in an elephant park in South Africa.  Though I always  wanted to go on a photo safari to Africa, I know that I never will and this is the next best thing -- you get to see all the animals at their best, and you don't need to walk or ride in a bumpy van to do it!

She seems to share stories of one thing each day, with lots of photos.  Today, for example, she shared information on flamingos.  I learned there are two species of flamingos, the greater and the lesser, and that a group is called a flamboyance.  Flamingos aren't born pink, at birth they are dull grey or white color and turn pink through the first couple of years of their lives. They get their reddish-pink color from special coloring chemicals found in the algae and invertebrates that they eat.

I was fascinated to learn that flamingos have a funny way of eating. They place their bills upside down in the water and suck water into their mouths. Then they pump the water out the sides of their mouths. Tiny plants and animals remain to make a tasty meal.

Yvonne has lived in Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa, a non-hunting game reserve, for 9 years and has married and has a child, who certainly is having an interesting childhood.

She takes thousands of wonderful photos and posts many of them regularly, if not daily, along with interesting information about the animals and about the park.

hyena baby

If you are interested in Africa and its animals, I highly recommend this Facebook page.


a thunder of hippos


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