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9 September 2021

Was it Lawsuit concerts, or 30 years of transcription or both?

When I began to realize that I was losing my hearing, Char said she had just seen a talk by someone recommending Eargo hearing aids.  I didn't go shopping for hearing aids but just ordered them after talking to the guy at Eargo.  I didn't know how much other hearing aids cost, but these were $2,000.


They are very small and fit entirely in your ear, so you can't see them.

I noticed a big difference when I first started using them, but there were things I didn't like.  It takes some getting used to the feel in my ears and I don't like that you get feedback if you try to use the telephone.  I found I started using them less and less, especially when quarantine kept me from going out of the house.  I wore them when I went to the theater.

I have almost no problem at all hearing Ned or Marta, but Walt speaks very softly and he can't seem to speak louder without yelling.  I hate it when I have to ask him to repeat something three times and then have him yell at me.

I'm finally starting to wear the hearing aids more often, but it's frustrating that they have a battery life of about  6 hours and when the battery dies, you get this clicking sound in your ear.  (The Eargo page says it's 16 hours, but the "comment" page says 6-8 hours.)

When things I don't like about these happen, it makes me upset that I never did any research.  I never tried hearing aids anywhere else so I have no idea how Eargo compares with other hearing aids.  Yesterday I went to do some comparison on the internet and every page I found said that Eargo was among the best, so I guess my $2,000 was worthwhile.

I am aware that my hearing has decreased significantly over the past year and my left ear is worse than my right ear.  There are four levels of hearing in the Eargo and when I first got these, I didn't have to use the higher levels, but I eventually had to go to the second level and now I'm using the third level.

I'm trying to make them work well by taking them out and recharging  them during my hour nap in the afternoon.

It's actually a bit easier to hear Walt, but he still speaks so softly that I have to have him repeat things, even with the hearing aids.




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