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7 September 2021

Well, the cake wasn't bad...it was terrible!  I will never again make a cake from scratch.  I may possibly never make a cake again.

But it was OK. She didn't want cake anyway, and we got good pictures of her with the cake. I left the rest of the cake for whoever at Eldervilla might want it, with an apology to Sandy about how bad it was.  The frosting and filling were fine, but the cake itself was so bad.

Jeri called so she could do FaceTime with us.  She played happy birthday for her grandmother on the weird instrument she has, which I don't know the name of.  It took a bit to get my mother to actually SEE her and she wasn't sure what  the screen of the phone was, but she did pay attention for a bit.

Ned got out some more of the birthday cards from last year and she looked at a few of them.  Not sure if she understood it was her birthday, but she enjoyed the colorful cards, especially the card from Jeri.

Sandy brought plates and a knife and I cut the cake, but she didn't want to have any (which didn't surprise me)

She has this new way of ... you wouldn't call it talking. She'll be in the middle of saying something and then lets out a loud grunt/yell.  It sounds as if she is straining  to have a bowel movement, but she does it over and over and over.  I think the first time I heard it was when Hospice was cleaning her wound but she did it a lot today.  Sandy says that when there is confusion she does it and with three of us there (Walt went with Ned and me), it was probably too confusing for her.  But it does make trying to have any sort of interaction with her difficult.

We stayed about an hour and it was obvious she was getting tired, so Sandy took the cake off of the plate I brought it on and washed the plate and we headed on home again.  Tomorrow is the actual day of her birthday, but Jeri will be back in class tomorrow and wouldn't be able to do FaceTime with us.  None of us ever expected that she would live to be 102.  I wonder if she'll make it to 103.




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