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3 September 2021

Having been raised Catholic, I was always told that abortion was a mortal sin.  As I got to be an adult, I maintained absolute neutrality on the subject.  But then I went to work in an ob/gyn office.

I started out as a part time transcriptionist.  This was not an abortion clinic, but I knew they did abortions on Tuesdays.  I just made sure that I never worked on Tuesday so I wouldn't have to actually make a decision on how I felt about it.

But then I was hired full time and I had to seriously think about abortion.  I knew I hated the idea of abortion -- nobody likes the idea of abortion -- but I thought about all the excuses women/girls might have for wanting an abortion.  And I came to the decision that the woman herself, in consultation with her doctor, should make that decision, not the state.

Oh there were terrible things that I hated -- the woman who wanted an abortion because she didn't want to be pregnant in the summer ... and then a year later was back for infertility treatments because she was trying to become pregnant.

But then there are the rapes, the women who have too many children and too little money and can't afford to have another baby, the women for whom pregnancy is a danger to their health, etc. 

Now Texas has made a law which makes it almost impossible for anyone to get an abortion for any reason.  And they have set up a web page where people can snitch on any woman they know who gets an abortion in Texas.  We worry so much about what will happen to women in Afghanistan if we leave the country, what about what is happening to women in this country?  You can be sure that no woman was involved in making that law...and you can get the Supreme Court would now allow Texas to make such a law if RBG were still alive.

You now can mandate that a 14 year old girl, pregnant from a rape, is forced to carry her rapist's child and give birth to it.  My god, I look at Brianna and try to imagine her carrying a baby to term.  Yet what happens to the fathers of someone pregnant who wishes to have an abortion?

It is also possible for a rapist to fight his victim for custody of the child.

The state can force a girl to carry a pregnancy to term, but the state can't mandate that that same girl wear a mask at school because that's too great a burden for the state to impose.  



Trying to imagine her pregnant.  Shudder.

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