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28 October 2021

Ned and I went to visit my mother today.  We left here around 11:30 and stopped at Panda Express to get lunch to bring with us. We knew she couldn't eat, but we figured we would have our lunch while with her.

I waited in the car while Ned went to get food and took a picture of this tree.  Color is coming to Davis.  It lasts such a short time, Ned says not to blink or you'll miss it.

She was not in much of a communicative mood  today.  Sandy was just giving her her lunch.  She has problems swallowing now, so she can't eat solid food.  She eats about 4 times a day and has smoothies with banana, protein drink, some baby food, and 4 eggs--not sure how those are prepared.  But she is obviously getting enough to eat.

Ned is so clever.

He brought a table book of photos of San Francisco and showed her pictures of things she might remember.

Some of the pictures got her to smile, and she did say things, but almost nothing made any sense.

She did smile at Ned, though, and told him many times that he was "wonderful, wonderful."

We had our lunch and stayed about an hour.  Ned is just so good with her.  She looked at me a couple of times and smiled at me when I told her goodbye.

We both texted Jeri, hoping she would be free to call so she could say hello to her grandmother, but she didn't respond so we assumed she was teaching.

Ned got some response from her when he sang to her so I suggested that next time we bring some recorded music.  I will choose some easy songs by Perry Como and Tony Bennett and I will have Ned digitize some of the piano music of my father playing songs that he wrote.  I don't know if she will remember them, but music is supposed to be the thing that people remember most and she certainly heard those tunes many, many times over the years.

We got home in time for me to take my nap and when dinner time comes around, I will have plenty of leftover Panda Express, which  will be a great dinner.




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