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26 October 2021

On TV this morning I saw a segment on how to have a good Halloween party.

It brought back memories of a Halloween party I hosted when I was in 8th grade.

We had no 'yard' with our flat, just a big area covered with concrete where my mother could hang clothes on the clothesline.  There was a small boxed in area with dirt where one year we tried growing vegetables and got some of the smallest carrots ever.  It must have been very difficult for my mother, who grew up on a farm and who loved gardening (and in her later years was a fabulous gardener).

But the yard was a good place for doing things like hanging donuts for eating without hands, and buckets for apples for apple dunking and other such games.

My father made lots of figures to decorate the yard.

He also made figures to decorate the living room.

I remember we had dancing and I was asked to dance by Eddie, who was the most handsome boy in our class.  We had never had anything to do with each other up to this time and he started dancing with me, but I didn't know how to dance, so he left me and found someone else.  I still feel embarrassed about that!

It was a fun party and from then on, for years, whenever my father got angry with me for something he always included being angry because I was never grateful enough for all the work he did on that Halloween party.

Every year at this time, I remember that party and how much fun it was...but how angry it made my father for years.




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