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22 October 2021

Well, we didn't get any more rain than we had when I wrote yesterday's entry, but it just felt like a stormy day, all grey and cloudy and wet patio.  It was the perfect day to, as I said, snuggle in the recliner with a bowl of oatmeal and a good book.

I read the whole book in a day, finishing just before Ned called us to dinner.

Tess Gerritsen has been one of my favorite crime drama writers for a long time.  I've read most of her books and when I saw that this book had come out in July and that I had the opportunity to download it to my Kindle for free, I couldn't pass it up.

It's been on the best seller list of the New York times and has lots of rave reviews.  I almost stopped reading it halfway through but am glad I finished.

From the first pages, we know this much: Taryn Moore is dead. But although her death appears to be suicide, nothing about Taryn’s life was as it seems. Why should her death be any different?

The story is told before and after the death and the time frame shifts from after with discussion about the death to before about the people involved in the death, back to after, etc.

In the before section, it starts in a college English literature class, with the professor being one of the main characters.  He is teaching a Star Crossed Lovers seminar, exploring the theme of doomed love in literature from antiquity to the present day.  Author Braver is a retired college professor and I suspect he must have written a good bit of the first half of the book.

The books they are discussing include The Aeneid, The Romance of Tristan and Iseult, Medea and Romeo and Juliet and the discussion gets so involved with the discussion of the letters of Abelard and Heloise that I feared that I didn't have enough education to follow it.  So much of the seminar is written about that that half way through the book I went on Amazon to see if this really is a crime drama. 

But at just about half way, it gets much better and that's when it became a page turner and becomes more like the Gerritsen books I have enjoyed in the past.

Taryn, the victim is an extremely unlikeable character.  She has all the appearance and characteristics that you'd think would make her appealing, but we first meet her as she is breaking into her ex-boyfriend's apartment while he is at work, just to see what is going on in his life, and to steal one of his dirty t-shirts because it smells like him.  We follow her through her obsession with the ex and the obsession she later develops for her teacher, which ruins his life.

I figured out who the murderer was early on and was pleased to find out I was right.  But everybody had a reason to kill her.

I'm glad I got the book finished and it was a nice way to spend the not quite rainy afternoon.  I didn't sit at the computer once all afternoon.

Yesterday was my monthly lunch with my friend Kathleen.  As we both struggled to get out of the booth we were seated in when we were finished with lunch, both of us with our canes, and me pretty much embarrassing myself by being almost unable to pull myself up, we decided we are going to get tables from now on.  We're getting too old for booths.

We compared aches and pains and discovered we are both going through the same kinds of pains when we get up in the morning, which gradually improve as we begin moving around.  Then I got a letter from a pen pal telling me pretty much the same thing happening in her life.

It's hell to get old.




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