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20 October 2021

The living room where I grew up had a wonderful window that extended over the street.  This is a picture from today.  When I lived there, there were no trees on the street.  Also, there was no diagonal parking--it was all parallel parking.

There was a seat that went in the window, and our TV sat in the middle of it.  It was great place to curl up with your back to the TV, a book in your lap and watch the cars drive up the hill.

We didn't live on the steepest street in the city, but we were around the corner from the steepest street, Filbert St.

We had a great time watching cars drive up our hill because when you got to the top there was a stop sign.  When I was growing up, few people had automatic transmissions so they were doing this hill with a clutch and then what do they do when they get to the top?  Bill Cosby did a wonderful bit about driving up streets like this.  Some cars got to the top, and if there was nobody behind them, backed all the way down and turned around to find another way to get to Union Street, at the top of the hill. 

It was particularly interesting to watch tourists try to drive up the hill in the rain.

Thinking back on it, given the difficulty that people had driving up that hill, it's amazing that I don't remember a single accident (though I'm sure there must have been).

I had to be able to handle the hill, and also parallel park on it before my father would let me go and get a driver's license.  Getting my license was amazing.  The DMV office was on Van Ness Avenue, where it is very flat.  I parallel parked in the yard of the office and then drove around a few streets and back to the office.  I didn't so much as go up a driveway and the DMV approved my driving in San Francisco.

The worst part about the hill that I lived on was that there was rarely any space to park.  You could literally drive around for half an hour looking for a parking place that was a walkable distance to our flat.  What you really needed to do was find someone who was leaving a parking place and grab that spot. 

One of the nicest things about living in a place like Davis, other than that it is very flat for driving, is that there is rarely a problem finding parking.  When you have to park "far away" it's rarely more than a block and a half.

I may miss San Francisco, but I sure don't miss San Francisco parking!



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