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18 October 2021

I mentioned escargot the other day, in talking about a French food and got some interesting responses, including "I would imagine Escargot would be eating raw oysters or clams."

While I like clams, I have tried oysters just about every way you can cook them.  Walt took me to an oyster restaurant once and I had them cooked several ways, including fried.  You'd think that I would love anything fried, but frying does not, for me, improve the taste of oysters.

I have often seen escargot served in restaurants and watching people pick them out of snail shells and all I could see was slimy snails crawling around the grass somewhere.  Not the slight bit appetizing.

But many years ago, Paul was working on a show with the Lamplighters and after rehearsal, Gilbert took us out to dinner.  We were sitting in a very nice restaurant when someone at a table near us was served snails.  The smell of butter and garlic was delicious and I talked about how the smell always made me want to try them, but the idea of eating snails just did not appeal to me.

We talked about escargot and Gilbert mentioned that there was a French restaurant in San Francisco where he had them and really liked them.  I decided that I would be brave and would like to try them.  I offered to take him to dinner at that restaurant for his 50th birthday.

So we went to the restaurant.  They were serving escargot, not in the shell, but braised, in some sort of cream sauce.  I identified with this comment from Funny the World:

I tried escargot for the first time 2 years ago while on a cruise and expected to hate it. It turned out I liked it so much I had it every day at dinner. Even when they took it off the menu the last 2 days, our waiter made sure I had some.

I couldn't believe how delicious they were...so delicious that we actually ordered a second helping.  And a year later, for his next birthday, we went back again for more escargot.  I haven't had escargot since then, but I fondly remember the times that I had it.

Still not sure that I would order escargot in the shell today.  But the smell of the butter and garlic might convince me to try it.

Ted Lasso has finished its second season and I am up to date on The Morning Show (which definitely makes me think about what is going on behind the scenes at The Today Show and other talk shows!).

Ned told me that he and Marta had just finished watching a show called Defending Jacob on Apple-Plus.  What a great show.  It's only eight episodes so easy to binge, and when you come to the end of an episode you definitely want to move on to the next.



Conducting at Stern Grove in San Francisco
Happy birthday, Gilbert



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