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12 October 2021

My first "job" was babysitting, for the Yates family, who lived around the corner from us.  When I started babysitting, they just had one boy, Robert Elton, who was always called R.E.  Later his sister Diane was born.  I got paid 25 cents an hour.

I can't remember the parents' names now, but the father had a great sense of humor.  I still remember the big box they gave me for Christmas.  I was so excited to open it, but when I did, it was full of vegetables.  The father always gave me a hard time about eating veggies and so he decided to give me some for Christmas.  I was so hurt because I had expected something bigger, but I called to laugh about his joke and thank him for the veggies.  That's when he said "did you have a problem finding the gift under the tissue paper?"  I had my mother take the box out of the garbage and at the bottom was taped a book of tickets to the movie theater.

One year they decided to rent a house at Lake Tahoe and invited me to come with them to babysit for the kids so they could go gambling at night.

The parents would go out to gamble after dinner.  I would put the kids to bed and then sit up reading until the parents came home.

One night, when they returned late, they told me that they really didn't need me to stay awake while they were gone.  So the next night, I went to sleep.  This was my bed in the bedroom upstairs.

It turns out that they forgot their keys that night.  They knocked, they called, they tossed pebbles at the window and eventually woke the kids up.  The kids opened the window and the father got a ladder and climbed through the window, got the kids back to sleep and I never woke up.  (How I wish I could sleep like that today!)

In the morning they told me that from that day on, I would have to stay awake until they got home!

The other thing I remember was the big cockroach that I tried to kill.  I chased it around the house with a poker from the fireplace.  I hit it and it still moved.  I stabbed it with the poker, tossed it in the fireplace and made sure that the fire burned.

When I got up in the morning, and told the parents about my battle with the cockroach, they removed the fireplace screen, and the cockroach crawled out again.  I've been wary about cockroaches ever since.

Several years ago, I did a Google search for R.E. and found out that he was a champion poker player.  I tried to find the articles I found then today, but they no longer exist.  I don't have a clue what Diane is doing.



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