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8 October 2021

Walt isn't addicted to many TV programs -- mostly news shows -- but he religiously watches Jeopardy each night.  We record it so that if we aren't going to be home or if something happens, we can watch it whenever possible.

Our dinner routine has evolved into sitting at the table at 6 and turning on a classic quiz show from the 70s, watch that while we eat and then Ned and Marta go upstairs, I watch the last half hour of Rachel Maddow and then we turn on Jeopardy.

When I turned on Jeopardy last night the screen said this:

Then Brian Neylon, the president of DISH came on to explain that Tegna is requiring higher payment to show its shows.

He gives about a 5-10 minute explanation of what is going on, which I really didn't pay attention to and then asks customers to call TEGNA and then let them know how you are feeling.

I didn't really care what was going on..  All I care about was that we couldn't watch Jeopardy.

If you have to give up Jeopardy, this is probably the best time to do it since Matt Amodio is the new star--now winning 33 games, over $1 million, and the most money won other than Ken Jennings, who won over $2 million in 74 games.

Amodio is much more likeable than James Holzaur, the next biggest winner.  I didn't like Holzaur at all, but Amodio has grown on me.  Still, it's boring watching him run all the questions and hit all the "double jeopardy" questions.  So if the channel has to be out, it's not that bad, but still...no Jeopardy.

I was upset enough that I called the number Neylon asks people to call and got a recording saying that if you're unhappy, you should call DISH and let them know. So I don't know what's going to happen.  Apparently the last time this happened it lasted 19 days before they came to an agreement.  And it doesn't mean that you can't get any of the ABC programs...you just can't get them if you are a DISH subscriber.

I expressed my disappointment on Facebook and got a message from Kathy Conner (who plays the oboe in the Lamplighters orchestra) saying that you can get the show on YouTube.

So at 11 p.m. last night i was searching YouTube and found Jeopardy and watched it -- without commercials!  So I guess it's not going to be a big frustration after all, since we can watch the show later in the evening each night.  I need to see Amodio either lose or beat Ken Jennings!



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