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6 October 2021

I wonder how many time I've written about sleep here. 

And writing about it again is probably going to insure that I'll have insomnia tonight.

But I woke up at 8:30 this morning, after having 3 fairly good sleep periods through the night.  This is the third night this week that I've had a "good" sleep.  I feel almost normal.

So what I've been doing that seems to work is that first, I fall asleep during whatever I'm watching on TV early in the evening.  When I wake up, I turn on Colbert and watch his monologue.  Then I head off to the couch.

I can't actually sleep on the couch any more.  My left knee doesn't like it, but I kind of sleep in this position (minus the bottle).

Believe it or not, if I fall asleep in this position (covered with blankets and a pillow under my head), I wake up 2-3 hours later, which is my normal sleep cycle.  Last night I woke up at 3:30, which was 3 hours later. 

Next I move to the recliner.  In the past I've put on something boring on TV to put me to sleep, but lately I've been leaving the TV off, covering up with two heavy blankets, removing my glasses, and snuggling down and, amazingly, going back to sleep.

I reada this about sleeping in a recliner:  "Surprisingly, a high-quality recliner can actually give you the best night’s sleep, though this depends on the person and his preferences. With that in mind, recliners can provide great health benefits and may be better for a few sleepers."

Last night I went to sleep and woke up at 5:15, needing the bathroom.  But since it was after 5, Polly insisted on breakfast, so I fed her, went back to the recliner, snuggled back down again, without the TV on, and fell asleep, waking at 8:30. 

Then there is my mid-day nap, which I take.  I put on the Neflix recordings of Criminal Minds and it puts me to sleep within 5 minutes.  I then sleep 1-2 hours, depending on how much sleep I had during the night.

I don't know if this sleep routine is going to work for long, but ... wow ... 3 nights of 7 hours of sleep is pretty darn good!


I posted this a year ago.  It's a COVID memorial, each chair
representing 10 people who died of COVID. -- 200,000 in October of 2020.

In October 2021, the number is close to 700,000

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