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5 October 2021

Facebook was out for several hours today (and so was Instagram).  Employees tried to get into the building to fix whatever was wrong, but their key cards didn't work.

The only way Facebook could let people know what was going on was by posting messages on its rival, Twitter.

Twitter, on the other hand, posted this tweet, which I found hilarious.

The technical reasons for it were too complicated for me to understand, but several people have offered possible reasons for the shut down.

* We all needed to take a reality check, and learn to live without social media for a few hours???

* The cat stepped on the power strip breaker. Happens at my house all the time.

* To suppress all the indelible truth that is posted and shared.

* The cats in the tubes all took a nap at once.

* Someone forgot to turn it off and back on again.

According to detection websites, by noon, there were over five million reports that Facebook was down. In America alone, there were over 123,000 reports of the social media giant being down.

There were some very clever responses from people talking about what they did during the six hours Facebook was out.

* I wrote the Great American Novel and lost 20 lbs.

* Got to sit with some kids that said they were mine. They seemed like great kids.

* me too! There these 2 kids in my house said they have my last name and have been following me all throughout the house, asking if I could feed them.. like homeless people. It was really weird!

* Paced the floor, tore my hair!!!

 * I experimented with critical thought, but then FB recovered and I quickly resumed being an ignorant sheep.

* Had to go to my doctor’s office to seek medical advice rather than get it from Facebook medical experts.

* Went berserk, screaming and crying, ripping my hair out, drank a fifth, slapped my friend about the head

* I was sick the entire time and just slept through it, just woke up to all these jokes about it shutting down. Sleep for one day and you miss the biggest event in 2021 history.

* I was totally confused. Kinda like when the power goes out and I discover there are other people living in my house. I don't know who they are, or when they will leave, but it make me very nervous.

* I had a real, live conversation with another human being. It felt weird. I couldn't pronounce words. I need therapy.

* Built the Andrea Doria out of balsa wood

* I binge ate 25 boxes of Hostess cupcakes, wandered around crying and chewing on my cuticles, only to end up in rehab, writing songs for Ace of Base and learning floral arranging. It was the toughest 2 hours of my life.

I didn't really notice that Facebook was down until Jeri texted me to tell me it was.  I had tried to get to Yvonne in the Bush to see today's photos and noticed that I could get text but no photos anywhere on Facebook.



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