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1 October 2021

Today is National Write a Postcard Day (it also would be the 107th birthday of my father, if he hadn't died at 72). 

I can see his adult face in this baby picture

I decided I would write a bunch of postcards today to people I have not communicated with in a long time.  This has caused a 2-day trip down memory lane.

The first person I wanted to write to was Melody, with whom I worked for several years and who was one of my best friends for many years.  I helped her end her marriage move to DC with her lover, and I flew to D.C. to work in her office for her when she went on maternity leave.  That was quite an experience on oh so many levels, most of which are best not described,  But I have not seen or heard from her since she took a trip out here for the funeral of a friend.  We had an odd dinner together, during which she reassured me that our friendship when it was active was really a true friendship.  But since I never heard from her again, I assume she was trying to tell me that we were no longer friends.  Which makes me sad.  I think I understand why, but it still makes me sad.

However, I thought I would drop her a postcard for Write a Postcard day, but I discovered I didn't know where I had her address, or IF I had her address.  This has involved going through my computer -- files which I have not looked at in 20 years.  It's been quite an experience!

I did ultimately find an address for her, but somehow I think it's not the right address, but I sent a postcard to that address anyway.  I sent a postcard of a bunch of bikes, and asked if she remembered Davis.  Since she has never responded to emails for birthday or Christmas for the last several years, I don't expect her to answer this post card even if I have the right address.

I also wrote a dog postcard to the grandkids, congratulating them on their new puppy, Pesto.

And I found an Obama postcard to send to a pen pal who just sent me one of her books.  She writes books for kids -- has written more than  500 of them -- and sent me her book about Frederick Douglass' 4th of July speech.  It's impressive to think she has written 500+ of these books, on all subjects, not just political.

I had to buy more postcard stamps by the time I finished writing my "write a postcard" cards.

I watched the first episode of Jon Stewart's bi-monthly (Google tells me "bi monthly" means every other month or twice a month.  How confusing is that???  This is twice a month) new show, "The Problem, with Jon Stewart."  You simply must find a way to get Apple Plus and watch this show, if you were a Daily Show fan.  The first episode which concentrates on veteran health claims as a result of "burn pits" in Iraq, which are not being covered by the government is amazing.  Bet you never heard of "burn pits."  I hadn't.  You must watch this show!  Find someone who gets Apple Plus if you can't get it yourself.



stealing a squirrel peanut

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