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29 November 2021

Polly has a very comfortable bed.

Ned and Marta gave it to her for Christmas two years ago and it makes me want to curl up in it.  But she's not satisfied with her bed.  She prefers Bouncer's, and takes over Bouncer's bed, so Bouncer has to sleep on the rug.

Normally Polly's bed goes right next to Bouncer's but she doesn't like it there.  She will work and work and work on it until she gets it exactly where she wants it,

which is right in the middle of the hall and you have to trip over her, especially in the middle of the night.  We assume she likes her bed here so she can see what is going on in the other part of the house, but whenever she gets out of her bed, I put it back where *I* want it to be and within 15 minutes, she's back in the middle of the hall again.


(Char says "If you had a cat both dogs would be on the floor")


Lacie and her cousin


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