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19 November 2021

I had to laugh this morning, watching Kelly and Ryan.  Kelly Ripa was talking about the Thanksgiving dinner that Anderson Cooper and his baby came to.  She said everyone was so eager to see the baby that nobody noticed that their dog had climbed up on the table and was eating the ham.

It reminded me of the dinner back in the 1970s, when Walt's mother brought filet mignon steaks for us for dinner.  When I want into the kitchen to cook them, I wondered why she had only brought 3 steaks when there were four of us who were going to be eating.  When I served the steaks, she asked where the other steak was...and we realized our dog Mutt (Ho Chi Mutt) had managed to get one off the counter and had eaten it.

Ned and Marta have gone off to Lake Tahoe for the week, returning Thanksgiving morning.  We won't have any guests here for Thanksgiving dinner, so it will be just the four of us, but with the traditional foods.

Ned has been so incredibly considerate and kind.  Before they left, he made sure we had all the foods I'll need to cook on Thursday, since my legs won't really let me go through the supermarket any more.  He also bought food for me to cook this week, easy foods, including leftover lasagna -- he made a huge lasagna for dinner last night, so we would have leftovers.  He brought in the new 5 gallon bottle of water, which will need to be changed this week, so Walt wouldn't have to carry it into the house.  And he cleaned up all the dog poop in the back yard.

I am so grateful that he is being so good to us.

When you are growing up, it never occurs to you that you will have to take care of your parents when you become adults.  Marta's mother has Parkinsons.  Laurel's father has Parkinsons (and lives with them) and her mother has been bedridden with back problems for several months.  Jeri and Phil are fortunate to be 3000 miles away from their parents (I think Phil's mother is OK, though)! 

It certainly never occurred me me that I would have to be making the kinds of decisions for my mother that I have had to over the past 10 years.  I guess I'm fortunate that my sister isn't around -- no discussion or arguments about what is right but lots of concern that I am doing the right thing.


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