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18 November 2021

I'm one of the weird people who enjoy my trips to the dentist.  My dentist, Cindy,  was a friend for several years before she became my dentist.  We worked together at a typing service while she was getting her dental practice established.

I had a bad dental history.  My first dentist was very old fashioned and didn't believe in xrays and I don't think he used any pain killer either.  But he was the father of my parents' friend and so we went to him.  When I finally got a new dentist, I think I had only had one or two cavities.  But the new dentist took xrays and found 12 more cavities that had to be filled.

That guy was great and I enjoyed him, but when I moved to Berkeley, he recommended a dentist in berkeley (Hercules Demosthenes Morphopolous...Irish guy.  :)).  Dr. Morphopolous and I didn't get along.  He would get angry with me for not flossing well and yell at me.  He also had bad breath.  So I stopped going to the dentist.  Period.  Walt continued going to Herc's office even after we moved to Davis and Herc Died, and in fact, he only started seeing Cindy this year.

So I had about 25 years with no dental treatment whatsoever.  Hard years.  Lots of pain, lots of fear, but terrified to see a dentist. We saw Cindy socially with a group of other people and I always stayed away from her so she would not notice my teeth.

Finally, I felt like my front teeth were about to fall out and I sent a letter to Cindy, confessing my dental misdeeds, who called and asked if I wanted an appointment.  She was so considerate.  She made the appointment for the last ofthe day so I was the only one there and then, to my amazement, there were no teeth that had to be extracted.  Oh there was lots of work and I joked and I put two of her daughters through college, but once all the 30 years of bad care was fixed, I've been seeing her 3 times a year.

It's a great office.  The lobby has wonderful paintings, as do several other walls in the offices and there is music playing throughout the office.

There are lots of interesting little statues, knick knacks and flowers everywhere.

When you get in the chair, there is a great view out the window.

And when you lie back there is always something interesting to check out on the ceiling.

I see Cristina, now, as a hygienist and only see Cindy (other than briefly) if there is work to be done, but even if they find work to be done, I enjoy that because it gives Cindy and me a chance to catch up on each other's lives.

Today they gave me a neck pillow that was exactly what I have been looking for to sleep in while I'm in the recliner, so I came home and ordered one right away.

All in all, a good day at the dentist's!




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