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17 November 2021

Why hasn't anybody told me about The Good Doctor??

Well, it's not like I haven't KNOWN about the show.  I have watched most of the big medical shows ever since we got a TV in 1953.  This was described as:

A young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome uses his extraordinary gifts to save lives and challenge skepticism.

When it started, I watched the first episode and decided I didn't want to follow the autism and so stopped watching.  I believe two other medical shows started that season too, so I wasn't missing out.

I see people from time to time list The Good Doctor as one of their favorite programs, but I haven't gone back to check it out.  I like to watch shows from the beginning and it just seemed like too much work to start at the beginning of a four-season show.

But in an insomnia night the other night, I decided to go to Hulu and try it out and discovered I loved it.   So now I'm trying to binge watch to catch up with current episodes.  Season 5 started in September.

It's certainly better, at the moment, than my most recent  favorite medical show, New Amsterdam

The current season of New Amsterdam is destroying everything I loved about the hospital and its director and I end up angry at the end of each episode.

I can't begin to name the number of doctor shows I've watched over the years.  I remember George Clooney, before anybody knew who he was, as minor character on ER.  I remember  the unrealistic practice of Marcus Welby, who seemed to only do home visits ... does any doctor do home visits any more?  Heck, now you do FaceTime visits!

I watched Grey's Anatomy for years until it became more like a soap opera than a medical show.  I wonder if there really is that much sex going on in supply closets in hospitals these days.  And I watched House for several years until his personality finally got to me and I stopped watching, though experts feel that House is one of the most accurate shows for doctors while Grey's Anatomy is one of the least accurate.

I will be watching The Good Doctor in the coming weeks to see if I can catch up.


George Clooney on ER


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