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12 November 2021

The title of this entry doesn't really have any meaning, but I was watching Seinfeld the other night and he was trying to read something he had written in the dark and guessed that it was "fix me some halibut."  I thought the sentence was funny and copied it down to use as the title for a journal entry.

Seinfeld is a good show to go to sleep to. There are lots of episodes and most of them aren't really about anything and all are stand up comedy scripts.  If you fall asleep during one and wake up during the middle of another, it really doesn't make any difference and you don't feel like you've missed anything.

I've always liked Seinfeld.  His comedy is always funny and never offensive.  He can talk about sexual subjects, for instance, but does it in a way that is not offensive...like talking about being master of your domaine, a very funny way to discuss masturbation without being offensive at all.

Last night I found the Westminster dog show, which was about 4 or 5 hours long. I love watching dog shows, but they really are pretty boring.  I watched the first group of dogs being judged (and was happy that the German Short-Hair Pointer won the group) and then fell asleep and woke up shortly before the Best in Show.  A nice long period of sleep and I got to see the Best in Show, the Pekinese

I didn't mind missing most of the breeds who showed, but I did miss seeing this one.

(I couldn't find the name of the breed)

It's fall and leaves are changing color.  We don't get a lot of fall color here in Davis, but there are certain trees around town which are gorgeous for a week or so.

The Chinese pistache is the most colorful tree in town, but we planted one one year so we would have fall color in the back yard.  We must have the only Chinese pistache in town which does not change color.  Goes from green to grey-ish to bald.  Very disappointing.

However, as I sat in my recliner looking out the back window, I did see that our neighbor's pyracantha was budding prolifically. 

It's the one bright spot of color in our yard, though another neighbor's tree nearby has a bit of color, so if you get in the right place with the camera, it looks like we have a beautiful fall colored back yard.


Color in our back yard




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