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10 November 2021

It seems appropriate that today is officially Sesame Street Day, for Sesame Street made the news today and hopefully Senator Ted Cruz will have learned that you don't go attacking beloved children's programs.

With the announcement that COVID vaccine is now available for children 5 to 11, several popular children's programs have made announcements to their young audiences that it's OK for kids to get the vaccine.  Big Bird says “I got the COVID-19 vaccine today! My wing is feeling a little sore, but it’ll give my body an extra protective boost that keeps me and others healthy …”

Big Bird has previously made videos for kids for things like the measles vaccine.  Big Bird and Sesame Street took part in an immunization campaign to encourage children to get vaccinated against diseases such as measles, rubella, polio, tetanus, whooping cough and diphtheria.

In 1996, a segment titled “Big Bird Gets Birdy Pox” was created to “reassure youngsters that illnesses can be endured and cured.” Three years later, Big Bird and his anthropomorphic pals created PSA videos on the appropriate use of antibiotics, long before superbugs such as MRSA were a concern.  Big Bird has spent half a century trying to keep kids from getting sick.

But Republicans saw Big Bird's comment on the COVID vaccination as government propaganda.  Fox news accused Big Bird of "brainwashing children" and Newsmax called it evil propaganda.  Some commentators called Big Bird a communist.

Ted Cruz took exception to Big Bird entering into the COVID debate and tweeted that it was "government propaganda for your five year old."  He posted a gif showing Big Bird kicking down a door and said it was "Big Bird coming to vaccinate your kids."

(In Texas, where Cruz is from, a minimum of seven vaccines are required for kids to attend elementary school – public or private. Like most states, Texas requires vaccines for polio, measles, hepatitis and several other diseases – sometimes before a child even turns 1. )

Perhaps Cruz has now learned what happens when you attack a beloved children's icon, who has media at his disposal.

One of the many people who tweeted comments on Cruz's attack of Big Bird said, "Some people would say "Don't take that muppet seriously, even though he is a US senator" - other people would say "Don't insult muppets by calling Cruz a muppet!"  Someone else added, "Cruz would have been okay with Big Bird getting the vaccine if Big Bird had flipped the Nazi salute afterwards."

I've been sleeping this week.  Some nights I'm able to get to sleep fairly early in the evening, other nights it is 3 or 4 before I can go to sleep.  I've discovered a new Netflix show that will put me to sleep -- Seinfeld.  I start watching, fall asleep, wake up and it's another episode, but because of what Seinfeld is, I don't really miss anything important.  I wake up feeling great, but the problem now is that I sleep so late it feels like I'm missing half the day.  This morning I didn't wake up fully until 11.  Missed the entire morning -- I slept so long I missed my nap!




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