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8 November 2021

A couple of days ago, I talked about my frustration with Front Page, the program I use to design this journal.

I talked about how I had designed the November pages and then went to sleep and in the morning, the look of the page design was all wrong.  Tools were missing and the things I needed to do I couldn't do because I couldn't find the commands.

I spent the better part of a day and a half trying to find the tools that were missing.  I tried every single tool bar hidden but nothing was right.  I knew I couldn't get information because the version I'm using is 2003....and they don't even make Front Page any more.

I spent time investigating web site design programs, but they were all too expensive...and more complicated than I needed.

I finally decided to see how I could transfer Funny the World to Blogspot, which most of the people who answer Saturday 9 and Sunday Stealing questions use.  I tried to register for "Funnytheworld.blogspot.com but it was a page that only had a title, and no content.  I  tried other titles and finally came up with "funnytheworldcom.blogspot.com" and took it.

I then spent half a day checking out the kinds of things I could do with Blogspot, and how to make the page look as close to Funny the World as possible.  I even found a couple of YouTube videos that I planned to watch.  I checked out all the Sunday Stealing pages that use Blogspot to see how they designed their pages.

I decided that I would spent November and December playing around with Blogspot with the idea that my new version of Funny the World would be ready to premiere at the first of January. 

All the time I was working on these plans in the back of my head was frustration with what happened to the program initially and what I hadn't tried to get all the missing commands back.  When trying to go to sleep, all I could think of was what happened and how could I reverse it.

After two days of this, I was going to sleep and realized that what was missing was a column and maybe I could find an old entry where I could copy the column and paste it on the new programming page.

At 2 a.m., I came into my office, sat down at the computer, pulled up Front Page....and there was nothing wrong with it.  Nothing had changed except my way of looking at the page and I realized that all the commands I had "lost" weren't Front Page commands at all, but Photoshop commands.

I just couldn't believe it.

I started thinking back to the years when we had Cousins Days and my mother's dementia first started to be apparent, how she would forget the rules of the card game she had been playing for years, didn't understand how to bid, etc.

When we drove home after Cousins Day, the three of us compared notes on what we had noticed, the things she didn't remember about the card game, the mistakes she made cooking dinner, etc., how she wouldn't let anybody unload her dishwasher for here because she didn't remember where the dishes went and didn't want anybody to know that, and I remembered that we thought of these as the first signs of dementia.

I thought about what happens to your brain when you look at the face of someone you have known forever and don't recognize them...and that this is exactly what I had been doing with Front Page.  A page I have been using daily for 21 years and suddenly I didn't recognize it.

I shared my story with Ned and told him that when my dementia gets worse, he can look at this week as the first signs.

His comment:  "Well, the first signs for you."  Apparently there are other "first signs" that others have noticed which I have not.





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