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3 November 2021

I decided to change the look of the page for the month of November since Book #9 of Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series, "Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone," is being released on November 23.

The background of the Funny the World logo is the Fraser tartan and the yellow circle is the bee logo that will be on the cover of the book.

There will be 10 books total in the series and it took Diana Gabaldon so long to get this one published that I'm afraid I will die before the finale comes out and I'll never find out which century Claire dies in!

I've already told Walt that I will be reading nonstop for 2-3 days after the book arrives.

Ned has been watching me mincing my way around places when we go out somewhere. He makes sure that I get dropped off at the door to wherever we are going so I don't have to walk.

Now he's decided that I need to do some walking. I actually have been thinking of that for some time. My longest walk every day is from this office, at one end of the house, to the bathroom, at the other end of the house and I am very aware that my legs need more exercise.  But of course I'm not going to do it myself without "encouragement."

So Ned has decided that we are going to go for a walk every day at 10 a.m. And Polly needs exercise too, so she is coming with us.  To start with, we are just walking to the end of the street (2 houses) and then back.

Jeri and Lester (and sometimes Phil) take a walk every morning and she always sends a 30 second video to the family so we can see Lester walking or standing in water (which she loves), so I made a video this morning of Polly on her walk. She's not used to walking, though, so she wasn't sure what I was doing when I took her picture.

She's been behaving badly this week. I have mentioned many times that she was never able to be housebroken, but she chose to pee on the puddle pads we used for the puppies, when we had puppies. So she's about 12 years old now and she still uses the puddle pads.

When Bouncer moved here and she started following Bouncer around, she learned that -- whaddya know? -- dogs actually pee outside and so she and Bouncer go outside and pee together. One pees while the other watches and then when the first pee-er moves away, the other dog stands right in the same spot and pees over the first pee.

Mostly she has been pooping in the living room but with Bouncer's influence, she sometimes poops outside. But lately she's been peeing in the front hall (no puddle pad, and a possible puddle when Ned comes down in the dark to take Bouncer outside in the middle of the night. Ned has been taking his anger out on Facebook.


He has finally fenced off the front hall, so she can't go there unaccompanied and so far she has not found another non-puddle pad spot to pee in.

I am going crazy this morning. I did something in the middle of the night when I set up this new look. I erased the formatting on the page and I don't know what I did and I don't know how to get it back. I am going through every possible change to see if I can get it back to the way it's supposed to be and so far no luck. It's very frustrating. I want to use the link to move something and it isn't anywhere I can find it, for example.  And as this is a 2003 version of Front Page, there is nowhere I can go to figure out how to get back the things I've "lost."




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