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2 November 2021

We actually went to a concert on Saturday.

Adrian West is part of the Lawsuit family (he occasionally played with the band, but wasn't really a part of it, as he started his own small group and has been playing all these years, after Lawsuit ended).

He was giving an outdoor concert at Sudwerk in Davis, a brew pub that used to be a restaurant and now is mainly just the pub, but does have a few menu items.  it's one of the only restaurants I've ever been to which has a choice of menu items to order for your dog!

We went with Ned and Marta and sat at a table with Clyde Bowman and his wife.  Clyde is Ned's co-anchor for the radio show they record on weekends and play on Tuesdays on KRDT here in Davis.

Since it was outside, it was going to be a bit chilly and Ned made sure I had a hat to keep my head warm.  It felt strange....I almost never wear hats because my head is so big and finding a hat to fit is almost impossible.

They only have a small selection of food but I was able to get pulled pork.  Marta doesn't like pork, so we never have it at home.

I rarely have a big appetite at dinner time, so I was able to eat half of this and have the other half for lunch the next day.

I loved watching Adrian play as the sun began to set.

Ned was the photographer and sound guy.

It was around 9 when we got home and I was so exhausted I fell right asleep.  I think my body was not used to all that fresh air.  I slept until 11, got up to go to the bathroom, fell right back to sleep again, slept until 2 when I turned on a Monk marathon, watched  1-1/2 episodes and fell asleep again, sleeping until 8:45.  I definitely didn't need a nap the next day! My body was so unaccustomed to so many hours of sleep that every muscle in my body ached when I woke up.




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