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12 May 2021

I knew it was time to get Polly's nails clipped, but didn't realize how long they had become until she started getting caught in the fur of the dog beds, letting out shrill yelps whenever she could not get her foot released.

But then last night she started yelping off and on when she was walking around the house, or if someone tried to touch her.  Walt picked her up and I could see that her nails were way too long.  We had them clipped a year ago, but they needed to be clipped right away.  Of course things like this happen on the weekends when there are no vet offices opened.

In the morning, she was obviously in a lot of pain and I called our vet first thing.  They had no opening for her until the end of the week.  No way I could let that happen.

I sent a message to Ashley to ask if she might possibly come by and clip her nails and she said she would.  We haven't seen her in a long time so it was nice to see her.  Polly wasn't happy about having her nails clipped but she hasn't done any yelping since Ashley left, so I guess she is feeling better.

She still seemed to be in pain thru the evening, but by morning she was fine, so I'm guessing the pain was just left over from one nail that got cut too short. 

Jeri and I went to Woodland in the morning.  She had to turn Marta's computer over to our computer guy ("My Brother Steve").  Then we went to Eldervilla to see my mother.

She was very grumpy and didn't want to be talked to or touched when we got there.  (She's wearing the same shirt that she was wearing a year ago!)

But Jeri, like Ned, is just so good with her.  She talked with her for about an hour and she eventually did respond...and even smile.  She talked a lot but never made any sense, but Jeri just kept at it and it was beautiful to see the two of them together.

There is "new" guy at Eldlervilla.  He's been there 8 months, but I had not seen him before.  He's a Vietnam vet and I'm not sure what his reason for being there is.  He's in a wheelchair and he seems to have some paralysis on his right side.  But the thing that I remarked on when he was talking to us is that he is seven years younger than I am!  He said he had not had any visitors since he was at Eldervilla, so he was happy to see us and showed us his scrapbook.  He had been an operating room technician and everyone called him Doc.

We got home in time for lunch and my nap, waking in time to hear Ned's radio show...but there is a problem with the radio station and it is not live today, but they put up the recording in time.



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