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4 May 2021

I saw a commercial for perfume on TV today.  I don't remember seeing perfume commercials on TV before.

White Shoulders was my mother's favorite perfume.  I was thrilled a few years ago, the Christmas before she went into the memory unit at Atria, when I found White Shoulders and knew it was the perfect gift for her, since she had not had any in a long time.

I knew her dementia had progressed when she wasn't interested in the perfume at all and, in fact, I don't think she ever opened the bottle.

It used to be that wherever you went, if there were women, you would smell various scents, but women don't seem to wear perfume much any more.

I remember that when Gilbert died, it was during a period when Giorgio was THE perfume. It seemed that wherever you were, someone would be wearing Giorgio.  It was a distinctive scent and not a scent I liked at all.

The year prior to his death, Gilbert had been the musical director for the revival of an operetta, Countess Maritza, which was not well known. The composer's daughter had been touring the country promoting her late fatherís works and she was absolutely thrilled with the production that The Lamplighters did. She had a particular gratitude and fondness for Gilbert for his handling of her fatherís music. So when she received word of his death, she flew from Los Angeles to be in San Francisco for the memorial service. She called the house to ask if she might pay a call on the family first.  I remember her arriving at the house dressed in black, dripping with gold and Giorgio.  (35 years later and I still remember that cloud of Giorgio that followed her!)

I don't remember when Chanel No. 5 became my scent.  My preference is for floral scents, not "woodsy" scents and after using a few different perfumes, Chanel No. 5 became my favorite.  But I stopped wearing it or any other scent more than 30 years because I had a friend with a woman (whose name I have long since forgotten). She was having lots of health problems and the doctors finally determined she was deathly (almost literally) allergic to scent. In fact, she became almost housebound because of her .... uh ... scents-ativity.

I began to notice scents around me and while, for me, they were pleasant, I thought about people like my friend who could not go outside because of crippling scent allergy.  So I just stopped contributing to the problem. I have scented soap and scented shampoo, but I no longer wear cologne or perfume.  I'm wondering if this is why I never seem to smell scents anywhere any more.  I kind of miss it, but I'm glad that people like my friend no longer have to worry about it.

I was very disappointed to get a phone message from the local beauty salon a couple of days ago.

My hair is waaay too long and I finally made an appointment to have it cut.  Since I have not paid for a haircut in a year, I decided not to go to Supercuts this time, but to pay the extra money for a "real" beauty salon.

I checked out recommendations and chose a place that seemed good.  They had a lot of styles and I remembered that I had started having a "pixie" cut and that it looked good on me and worked well with my natural wavy hair...their pixie cut photo was great.

They also had a video on their web site, showing how safe the salon was, how you are met and have your temperature taken, how you have to wear double masks, how there are only two cutters in the store at any one time and everybody is kept at a more than safe distance from everyone else.  Sounded good.

Since I got the appointment made, I've been noticing even more how long my hair has become, especially in the back and I was looking forward to the date of my appointment, which was to have been today.

But the message I received was that because of the current wind they had to cancel my appointment (I guess they are working outside now) and they wanted to reschedule.

In the meantime, I've talked with Jeri, whose plan when she gets here later this week, is to make an appointment for a haircut with a friend of Phil's who is a hair dresser here in Davis.  So I have not rescheduled my original appointment but will make an appointment with Jeri so we can go to the beauty parlor together, perhaps next week.

I sure will be glad to get this hair off my neck, though.  It's almost long enough for a very short pony tail!


Not one of ours--but looks like he's auditioning for Hamilton

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