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3 May 2021

This is why I watch cooking shows on Saturday morning.

Chef Michael Symon is a new-to-me chef on the Food Network.  I watched his show on Saturday and he made lemon upside down cake. 

Ned recently got a bag of lemons from his friend Tom Fay and told me we had to find recipes that use lemon.  I've made a couple of dishes but still had several lemons that needed to be used. This seemed the perfect recipe, with lemons on top and lemons in the cake.  As I write this, I have not cut into it yet, but it turned out perfectly and smells delicious.  It will be served with a dollop of whipped cream on it.

I had also planned to make a chicken dish with lemon for dinner, but all the lemons went into the cake, so I had to send Walt out to buy lemons for the chicken.

So it's a food weekend.

Lemons for dinner and dessert and the squirrels are going nuts over the latest squash.  I cut one in half and put it out and had 3 squirrels eating it, pretty much all day long.  Jane is here all the time, her son Lisbon is around a lot (and is starting to feel comfortable taking nuts out of Ned's hand) but we only see his sister off in the distance most of the time.  Even she came up for some squash.  I guess it was a particularly delicious squash.

With the three squirrels eating it and Polly taking bites now and then the thing was almost gone in a day and a half and I had the other half to put out and that has been devoured this afternoon.  Fortunately squash is very cheap.

I had insomnia again last night and got up at 2 to watch a movie.  When it was over, Hulu was advertising showing Nomadland, which won the Oscar for best movie this year.  So I had to watch that too.

Strange movie, but so well done I wasn't sure if the characters in it were actors or real people (turns out they were actors).  I can't say I liked it a lot, but it did entertain me and kept me awake long enough for Sunday Morning at 6.  And then there was that nap I have every day.

My sleep habits lately have been so weird...either no sleep at all, or several bouts of 2-3 hours of sleep which all add up to 6 or 7 hours of sleep in a day.  It's a good thing I don't have a job.



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