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2 March 2021

I've mentioned that when Ned and Marta moved in, we signed up for DISH for TV, which I basically like except you can't get HBO with DISH and it seems that so many of the things I'd like to see are on HBO.  But I do like it on nights like Sunday when there are three things I want to watch at the same time, and can record all 3 .

I watched the Golden Globes.  I don't know why.  I see so few of the nominated things any more and know even fewer of the nominated people.  I love seeing all the fashion, but this year everybody was at home.  Some still dressed up

But some didn't bother to dress up at all.  Jason Judeikis, who won for actor in a musical or comedy TV was in a hoody.

while Jodi Foster and her wife were in pajamas.

Even though I didn't know Chadwick Boseman at all, I knew he had died of cancer and so his wife's acceptance for him was very emotional.

I hadn't seen most of the nominated things, but at least I could appreciate the wins for Schitt's Creek. The Crown and The Queen's Gambit.

When the awards were over, I turned to my recording from Turner Classic Movies.  My friend Jim Brochu was introducing two movies by Zero Mostel, who had been his friend (and he wrote and performed the play, Zero Hour, in some 800 performances across the country--we saw it opening night in New York).

He introduced Mostel's first movie, DuBarry was a Lady and his last movie, The Front and then explained more about them at the conclusion of the movie(s).  Loved The Front but was not too excited by the first movie...but Jimmy is a walking encyclopedia of things like this and his explanations were great.

When I woke up later I was able to watch Men in Kilts, which I am enjoying.  Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish, from Outlander are giving tours around Scotland, showing the scenery and the culture.  The first episode dealt with Scottish food and made me very hungry for everything they were eating.

The second episode talked about drinks and lots of Scotch was consumed during the filming.

Last night's episode was on music and dancing and there were lots of bagpipes (which I love) and learning how to dance.

As I said, I'm enjoying this show, but I wish it were an hour long.  It just seems that there isn't enough time to fully explore any of the subjects they are talking about in 30 minutes, though the bantering between the two actors during their rides around Scotland is lots of fun.




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