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29 June 2021

I'm finally going to let Ned paint the wall.  This is one small part of a wall into our kitchen and I haven't wanted it to be washed  ... or painted ... in years because it's the "measuring wall."

Many parents have a measuring wall to track their kids height as they get older.

We not only tracked our kids as they grew, but also tracked all of the foreign students who stayed with us. 

We haven't had any foreigners that we measured since the 1980s and the wall has gotten so terribly dirty that it's very difficult to read the names of the people on it.

I do not think, for example, that Fabio and Pujol (both from Brasil) were that tall.

The only other name i can read clearly is Chieko, our first Japanese student (she stayed with us 3 times and her friend Hitomi also stayed with us).

If I look closely, I can see the various ages that our own kids were measured. 

There is a part of me that loves looking at this wall, but the older I get the more it just becomes a dirty wall and it's time to paint it over, especially since Ned has done painting on the opposite wall this week end, which makes this wall look even more dirty!

Week ends are bad for TV and I have been reading the 8th book in the Outlander series, since the 9th is coming out in November.  But I have gotten so into it, which I didn't expect to, that I have been riveted to my chair reading it, and the television has been off the better part of the last two days, except for Criminal Minds which puts me to sleep for my nap and Vera, which I watched last night.



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