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23 June 2021

I have acquired a lot of pen pals.  When the quarantine started, I decided I would like to have pen pals and so I found several internet sites where I could find other people looking for pen pals.  The one I stick with most is League of Extraordinary PenPals on Facebook.

While I have written to a lot of women, there are about 20-30 that have become "regulars," and a handful, maybe half a dozen, who have become friends and I imagine writing to them indefinitely.


I was looking through the titles under "Today in My History" in the left column and I saw a title from 2011 called "The Pan Pal Project."  It talked about a Blogspot that I'd created called "The Pen Pal Project," where I posted essentially the same information as in the opening paragraph here, posted pictures of letters I sent and letters I received.

I have a special file in Word Perfect of all of the addresses of people I have been writing to this past year, and I discovered  that I created a database of the 72 people I wrote to in 2011.  I discovered Sandbook, a magazine for penpals

I found files of all the letters I wrote in 2011...and then nothing until 2015.

Now, with my mother the way she is, I am always concerned about dementia and Alzheimers and this whole pen pal thing has me shocked.  I have no memory whatsoever of writing to 70 different people in 2011.  Until I went searching, I didn't remember Sandbook and I don't recognize any of the names on my carefully constructed database.

2011 was an emotional year.  That was the year my cousin Kathy died.  Peach and I went through a lot of emotions visiting her regularly, watching her die.  Her death brought back all the feelings I had around David's and Paul's deaths -- and Gilbert's.  At the same time, I did what I had always done for 10 years, wrote my feelings about death to Peggy, for whom I had been support when her mother died, when her dogs died and when she had emotional problems with the business for which she was working.  She then ghosted me (stopped writing and blocked me from her email, so letters get bounced back to me - I have not heard from her since).  I started seeing a therapist, who put me on an anti-depressant.  I lost 40 lbs without dieting.

But despite all the emotional things going on,  I simply can't believe that even now, looking at all that I wrote and all that I did, that I have zero memory of my 2011 Pen Pal Project and can't remember any of the women that I was writing to for that year.

What's more, I have no idea how or why I stopped writing to seventy people!  Are any readers of this journal in the group of pen pals I had in 2011?




June 21 would have been my sister's 74th birthday

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