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21 June 2021

Nelson Tapias is a Brasilian friend of ours.  I've called him my Brasilian brother.  He was the leader of two groups of Brasilians who visited Davis in the 1980s and we kept in contact all these years. 

A few years ago, he and his girlfriend had a time share in Hawaii and invited us to spend a couple of weeks with them there.  Ned and Tom have visited him in Brasil and he has been here just visiting a few times.  He is very into music and Jeri got him into conversation with people at Berklee with the idea of perhaps having a musical exchange between the two countries (which apparently never happened)

Today I received a message from him.  He's having problems.  Because of the pandemic, he has not had any income in two years and can't find a job.  Now the restaurant that rents from him can no longer pay its rent, so he's looking for work.

I am not in a position to help him but he felt that with my internet connections, I might reach someone who is interested in his ideas, so I am going to print his messages here verbatim and see if anyone cares to respond.

Dear Bev, a month after taking second shot of vaccine against covid19, in the middle of deep crisis of pandemia here I am thinking in how to escape from it and from this economy in chaos (almost 2 years without any work and extra money from concerts and now without receiving rent from the Japanese restaurant in my building).

So I thought I could offer my services as a multilingual company to an American rich woman/man or family travelling abroad in the next weeks or months to countries/places with controlled covid virus, like UK or other Europeans countries as well as some American cities and States. I can become an experienced company and translator helper (English, Portuguese, Spanish and even French and Italian) in travellings to anywhere. I can help too as a driver or in the family's house doing different things like going to market and shopping or friendly talking to lonely people of any origin, type or colour. I do have experiences with social service and cultural activities as music of all kinds, dancing, movies, photo etc... I am still almost the same guy who travelled to Hawaii with you, same weight and same good health with no problems with doctors or pharmacy (I don't take any remedies/drugs for anything). I just am not as strong as before but still am happy going out to concerts, parties, visits to parks and nature situations. May be because I don't smoke neither drink alcohol nor take drugs and no junk food, but some healthy walkings.

So, do you ever believe I could put myself available to work few days, weeks or months to anyone or any family who may need a helper like that in travellings or in the house in the city or in the country ? Maybe to someone who is too busy and need a helper like an artist who travels around or someone with limited health conditions and need all kinds of daily help from a reliable experienced person... Must not be really rich but with enough money to travel and pay for my expenses together his own. Or someone who may not travel but need a helper offering me lodge and meals plus some payment for the work.

Can you think about it for the next days and may bring any suggestion about it ? It may be in Davis, SF, LA, NY, Miami, New Orleans or anywhere for some time till next year. I remind you that I have my regular old social security number and can use it whether necessary. Please, think about it and talk about it with other people. And even mention it in your social media to try with people that you may not even think on.

I first thought about you because I remember you used to have lots of friends in California and with your usual writings. Nowadays you are like me locked at home far away from virus and I now how you feel. But I still have lots of people in connection at whatsup and facebook and you may also have instagram, twitter or whatever... As I said you may be able to reach some people that you don't even know using these social medias. Maybe you can ask someone's help to do it for you, like Ned or people out of your family advertising it for me.

Just to conclude I have to say that I am still getting my every month retirement payment but it is less than the half of my family's need of every month. Fortunately I have some economies to help me till the end of this year but if the bad economy of this country does not get up till there I will run out of money totally

I would like to help him, but have no connections whatsoever, so I'm posting his message here in case, like he mentions, there are people I don't even know who might be interested.  He's  really a nice guy and I'd love to help him.





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