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18 June 2021

Today's weather prediction:


The hottest I can remember feeling was back in my childhood when I was spending the summer with my cousin Peach.  Each summer I spent 2 weeks with her in Citrus Heights (just outside of Sacramento) and she spent 2 weeks with me in San Francisco.  Our sisters, Karen and Mandy, also did it, so while I was in Citrus Heights, Karen and Mandy were in San Francisco.

I remember this very hot day, which someone told me was 110 degrees.  Peach and I had gone to the store and were walking home and we were standing in the middle of the road, which felt soft under our feet, and she was braiding my pony tail.  I don't know why I remember that so strongly. 

They didn't have whole house air conditioning, but did have an air conditioner that fit in a window and I spent a lot of the two weeks I spent with her standing in front of that air conditioner.

You don't know "heat" when you grow up in San Francisco.  Since the city is on water, it doesn't get hot much but occasionally it might get into the 80s, which I always thought of as HOT.  Here I don't think of it as being "hot" until it gets close to 100, the difference being, as we laugh a lot, that here we have a dry heat, while in SF it is a humid heat.  It's the humidity that bothers me more than the actual heat.

And, of course, this being the valley where you expect it to be hot, most houses have air conditioning, where I don't think I knew anybody in San Francisco who had air conditioning.  You just suffered through the hot days.

I am lucky in this house because it's a two story house and even on hot days, it stays comfortable downstairs.  I also have several fans so wherever I happen to be, I can turn on a fan.  Ned and Marta are upstairs in the back of the house, where it gets the full sun and they have it very hot, even with the air conditioning on.

The whole western part of the country is experiencing incredible heat.

And Death Valley is predicted to be the hottest place ever recorded in the world (134) in the next day or two. Right now it's just cool...

Are there still people out there who think there is no such thing as climate change????



We are having a big crop of apples this year

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