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15 June 2021

In a letter I received from a pen pal this week, she said that her 99 year old mother had not worn earrings in so long that the pierced holes in her ears had closed up and she was going to have to take her in to have her ears re-pierced (cool that a 99 year old  wants to get her ears pierced!).  She said that it has been so long since she originally had her ears pierced that she (the pen pal) wondered what her mother would think about places where you get your ears pierced today.

When I got old enough to wear earrings, I always wore them, but I never got my ears pierced.  Growing up in a Catholic school, we all knew that girls with pierced ears were "bad girls."  We only had one girl in our class -- Patty -- who had pierced ears and we all treated her gingerly because we knew she was "bad."  (Not sure what we thought "bad" meant -- This would have been 8th grade and less!)

I had a large collection of earrings, that clipped on or screwed on and I often wondered how much easier it would be to have pierced ears with earrings I didn't have to worry about losing.

For my wedding, I wore my grandmother's pear earrings...I wore the earrings to work at some point after the wedding and my boss told me they were too old fashioned and that I shouldn't wear them any more.

I didn't get my ears pierced until about 1968. 

Kind of like the air fryer, I kept thinking about it and thinking about it and wanting to do it, but it was a day when for some reason I only had baby Ned with me and left my father babysitting for him.  I told him I needed to go downtown.  I had called to find out where I could get my ears pierced.   There weren't all the piercing places you see now.  I had to go to a jewelry store.

The jewelry store was on Market Street and when I walked in and told someone what I wanted, she led me to the back of the store, and up a set of dark stairs to a bare attic kind of place.  I felt like I was getting an abortion.  I already felt guilty for becoming a "bad girl."

The piercing went well and I was happy to have it done.

A week or so later I got an infection and technically I was supposed to take the studs out but we were at Lake Tahoe for one thing and for another, I felt so guilty about having my ears pierced in the first place that I just kept washing them with alcohol and fortunately the infection cleared.

So since then, I have had earrings.  I have gone for times when I didn't wear earrings and nearly got to the point where the holes closed up, but working with an earring I was able to get the hole opened up again.  (My mother never got her ears pierced, which is sad because she had such nice earrings, which I won't wear.)

When I was working at Women's Health, one of the nurses made earrings and would bring them into the office.  I look at my collection of earrings now and can tell which were hers and which were earrings I bought in a store--and not sure why I bought some of her designs.

I have several pairs which are  theater-themed, like the comedy and tragedy masks, or the "jester" which reminds me of Yeomen of the Guard.

(I found this pair in England)

One of my favorites is this pair of ruby slippers. If I could find more Wizard of Oz earrings, I would buy them.

I don't actually wear a lot of dangling earrings.  I love them, but studs are nicer because I don't have to take them off at night.  I wore some tragedy and comedy earrings last night and didn't take them off and got one caught in my sweater in the morning and it is now ruined and has to be thrown out.

I do love earrings.

Sandy called this afternoon.  My mother is going to Kaiser on Wednesday to get a cast put on her leg.  He says her mood is so much better, like we saw when Ned and I visited her, because she's getting so much attention!



It was a good mail day!
One of these letters is from someone who told me we weren't
fit to be pen pals and has ended our relationship.
(At least she told me why, which is better than just ending things)

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